Jon Villanueva, Owner of J's Beard Essentials, is an L.A. native who has had facial hair since age 16. Skin sensitivity encouraged him to abandon shaving but he always struggled with a dry, brittle and itchy beard. He battled finding quality beard products that fit his needs. Jon decided to dedicate 5 1/2 years of research, development and countless blends until he came up with perfect set of beard oils, butters and balms. After seeing how passionate he was about making quality beard care products, his wife motivated him to share it with others and turn it into a business. From there, J's Beard Essentials was born.

We devote all of our time to deliver products at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. Our base blends are all-natural mixed with essential oils and a few fragrance oils. We believe your beard deserves the best so each individual product is handcrafted to guarantee quality and authenticity. Jon's passion for maintaining a well groomed beard is the reason he offers his Customers only the best! 

The big question: What makes us special?

It's easy: Our top 3 priorities from the beginning have never changed. Customer satisfaction, quality/product value and Customer engagement. All three goals are proven on a daily basis. If you've interacted on our social media pages, you're communicating directly with Jon. His top objectives in running the company are shown by his dedication in communicating and listening to his audience. He will never shy away from making a Customer happy. 

Do you want to see what we're about? Check out our collection!