Beard Care: What is it? 

In 2014, I was lying in bed with my wife watching a movie. I started scratching my beard, then I scratched some more. The more I scratched, the more the skin under my beard became irritated and became flaky. Finally, my wife turned to me and said something that would change my life! She said: “You should buy some beard oil”. At the time, I didn't know beard oil existed. 


From that day on, my wife introduced me to a new world of curiosity, discovery and a lot of testing that eventually flourished into whats known today as J’s Beard Essentials. For a guy starting to grow their mane, the beard care world can be discouraging, challenging or will even give you the idea to end your beard’s life. Shaving isn’t the right course of action.

Once you educate yourself, you will feel more confident with beard care. To be honest, buying beard care products will become a compulsive habit (even if it goes against your wife’s wishes). Some of the most popular products on the market are beard oil, beard butter and beard balm.

What is Beard Oil?


Beard Oil is an oil based male grooming product used to moisturize your beard and the skin under it. Beard oil should contain a mixture of all-natural Carrier Oils, Fragrance & Essential Oils. Though, beard oil has risen in popularity, it’s not a new product. In fact, beard oil has been commercially sold since the 1930's and has been used since the Mesopotamian Civilization (the first civilization of mankind).

Why use beard oil?


  • Eliminates dry, itchy and irritable skin under your beard

  • Gives your beard a subtle and natural shine

  • Provides a great smelling aroma

  • Promotes healthy beard growth

  • Conditions, softens and protects against a brittle beard 

What is beard butter?

Beard Butter is a male grooming product used to deeply condition, absorb and retain moisture in beard. A naturally derived butter extracted from plants, trees, roots, or seeds serves as emollients, softeners and protecting agents!

What are the benefits of using beard butter?

  • Serves as emollients, softeners

  • Moisturizing & antioxidant properties

  • Fatty acids & active ingredients to protect your beard

What is beard balm?


Beard balm is a male grooming product used to condition, soften and style your beard. Beard balm should contain a mixture of all-natural ingredients that include Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Carrier Oils Fragrance and Essential Oils. 

What are the benefits of using beard balm?


  • Softens, styles and shapes your beard

  • Serves as a leave-in conditioner

  • Conditions, coats and protects your beard against a dry and brittle beard

  • Tames your beard

Applying what you’ve learned will ultimately help you with growing and maintaining a healthy beard. You should avoid a product with chemicals as this will strip your beard of natural oils and damage to your facial fair.


Finding a quality product that you can trust may take time and money spent. In the long run, when you find the right one, you’ll know and your beard will thank you!

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