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Beard Grooming For Beginners

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

So you took the giant leap of purchasing beard care products for the first time. You've officially entered into a whole new world. The journey to having an epic beard has started and your mind is about to be blown.

Purchasing products is only the beginning. More than likely, you want your beard to be well groomed, healthy and manageable but still have questions. What's next?

As you're reading the directions on how to apply the products, chances are you're scratching your head wondering if there is a proper way of applying them, how much should you apply or does it even matter? When starting anything new, guidance on how to start it always helps build confidence.

"Confidence, like art, never comes from having all the answers; it comes from being open to all the questions." - Earl Stevens

Gaining insight from an experienced bearded man will be invaluable for the rest of your beard growth journey. Since this will be part of your daily grooming routine, finding a simple way of applying beard care is going to be important in maintaining the mane. The video below will walk you through a bearded man's routine while using J's Beard Essentials to start off his day! Remember, practice makes perfect!

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