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Grooming Your Coarse/Curly Beard in 5 Minutes?

Beard grooming is simple. Unfortunately, simplicity and time management don’t always go hand in hand. This concept proves to be true when it comes to grooming you beard.

Every beard has a different texture, shape, size and length. What works for you may not work for one of your fellow bearded buddies especially when it comes to having a curly or coarse beard. Can a curly or coarse beard have a shortcut to being groomed in 5 minutes (For this circumstance, we’re going to use a 6” beard to give you some perspective).

The answer depends on how you’re looking to grooming your beard. If you’re rushing through your grooming routine and need a quick shape up to look presentable, yes it’s possible. If you want to groom your beard the right way, the answer is no. Let’s discuss a few points on how rushing through your grooming routine should not be the priority.

Soaking your beard with water. If you don’t have time to wash your beard, soak/drench your beard with water in the sink. When soaking your beard, be sure to penetrate through your, under and all around it. There are a couple of benefits of doing this:

1. Helps your beard absorb the products most effectively.

2. Your beard hair will be loose making it easier during the combing process, snagging less hair and comb through the tangles.

Applying beard care. Once your beard is fully immersed in water, towel drying is ideal. Leave your beard damp enough for the beard care to be absorbed. When applying beard care, make contact with the skin under your beard, the surface and core of your beard.

Combing through your beard. This is the step you need the most patience and care with. Start at the top of your beard and make your way through your beard to the bottom of it. Combing too fast or aggressively will cause you to lose a lot of beard hair. Take your time. It will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

All 3 phases of the grooming process will take about 3-5 minutes each depending on the length, coarseness, curliness and density of your beard. Shortening your grooming time should not be the priority and will harm your beard in the long run. Grooming your beard and maintaining a healthy beard should be the priority. Take your time and beard on brothers!

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