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Hot Showers: Good or Bad?

Updated: May 9, 2019

This winter has had some of the lowest temperatures I’ve seen in a long time. When it gets as low as -15 degrees, weather like that can be bone chilling. We all try different things to stay warm at this time of year. Staying in bed and cuddling, wearing extra layers or jumping into a hot shower. A hot shower may feel amazing but is it good for you?

Does taking a hot shower do more harm than help?

Hot water causes dry, flaky and itchy skin. Dry skin can lead to more serious conditions like eczema. Taking hot showers doesn’t allow your skin to retain moisture. For a bearded man, he’ll feel this dryness the most with the skin under his beard. This can be big problem but don’t panic just yet! There is something you can do to battle dry skin under your beard.

What can I do to help with dry skin?

Take a shower in lukewarm water. As dreadful as this may feel on a cold winter morning, this will reduce the skin under your beard and body from getting flaky and irritated. You won’t lose as much skin moisture if you do this. Of course you'll suffer because the water temperature is not hot but this will help the overall health of your skin.

While taking hot showers may feel great at the moment, you will regret it for the health of your beard! The game plan is always keep your beard healthy, right?

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