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Water Intake: Does It Matter?

We all know it's extremely important to hydrate your body. Growing up, one of the most common phrases were: "Make sure to drink your 8 cups of water daily". Did you know your water intake affects your beard and skin?

Yes! It's true. I didn't think the two were linked so closely until one of my followers mentioned it in one of his workout video posts. After hearing and reading that, my curiosity grew more and more every time I took a sip of water. Water makes up 10-13% of each beard hair strand. This fact alone should make you gulp as much water as you can daily. Lack of it leads to a brittle and dry beard, causing it not to grow to it's full potential. It also can cause your beard hair to fall off at a faster rate than it's normal life cycle. It can be difficult to maintain a healthy beard this way.

Not only does lack of hydration affect your beard but it also affects your skin under your beard. Did you know the cells that make up your skin are predominately made up of water? Dry, flaky, itchy or irritated skin is a sign your it's not retaining enough moisture. Drinking the necessary amount of water will give your skin the proper nutrients it needs to hydrate and retain enough moisture to maintain a healthy beard.

I know it's tough to keep up with drinking plenty of water on a consistent basis but it's your manly duty to keep your beard healthy. If you remember this equation, you'll be reminded of the importance of drinking water:

Growing a beard + drinking water + moisturizing = A healthy BEARD!

After all, isn't that the bearded man's ultimate goal?

Challenge: Drink 2 liters of water on a daily basis starting today!

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