Welcome to BOTM aka Blend of the Month!

BOTM is a project we've rolled out to give you unique, limited scents on a monthly basis for 6 months partnering with a different ambassador, reviewers or beard community member! We've decided to roll this out for a monthly basis going forward. 

We've reformulated our beard oil & butter to give you the best in feel beard experience! Every month we will create a new carrier blend based on the preference of the partner.

Our 5TH partnership will be with @MATT_THE_BEARDED



Let's face it. Matt is obsessed with beard products. Anything that says beard on it, he will buy it. He is not bias, he will buy from any company. This is true. Matt probably has storage in his closet with beard related products!

Matt is one of the biggest supporters in the beard community that we've come across. It doesn't stop there. If he's not buying products from us, he's giving us ideas on making scents. In fact, he was the one that pitched the idea to us about mixing Forbidden Fruit and Cavanal. We decided to try it and had to release that scent creating one of the most talked about scents in the beard community (Cavanal's Orchard). From there, we had to get a scent collaboration with him. 

INTRODUCING "Scissor Hands"


Scent Profile: French Lavender, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Light Musk, Black Amber, Mint, Cedarwood, Vanilla & Cologne



Subscription Option Available - For BOTM Subscription FAQs, click here.

BOTM is a limited run. Subscribers will receive product priority if BOTM sells out. We have a limited supply of products for 1 time buyers.